Hi friends! Welcome to my Art Lifestyle blog. My name is Stephanie Oplinger, and I am an artist and illustrator from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

I do all kinds of art, and I try to give away some free resources or goodies for your help and/or enjoyment. My favorite creations are surrealism paintings and original indie online comics (which you’ll be able to read and enjoy for free! COMING SOON). I also illustrate children’s picture books and create fabulous wearable art pieces. I engage in art projects to help raise awareness about human trafficking and other important world issues. I also want to help you out by giving you great tips for getting started with art, or to just simply entertain you with fun extras. That’s a lot going on (whew!) so I’ve broken down what you can expect to read and why you just might like to keep on reading – I’m determined to make sure there is something here for you!


I aim to post about five times a week, bringing you all kinds of goodies and (hopefully) useful content throughout the month. And so, as follows is my new weekly and monthly schedule:


Just as it suggests, I post about things that are going on in my little studio. (And it IS little, oye.) You can expect to see newly finished art pieces, work in progress shots, fun time lapse or project videos. If you like art, here’s an inside look. I’ll try not to bore you –  I think I sniff a little too much paint to every be boring! (Haha, joking!)


I like to use my art to raise awareness about human rights issues and, specifically, to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery. I’ve got a couple of projects going on right now, which you can click on to read up about:

365 Day Charity Project

Human Tableaux Project


Do you like original comics? Well, then, do I have some things for you! I am in-progress and start-up mode in the creation a lot of original comic projects and their corresponding mobile apps. I won’t be able to post weekly just yet, but you can expect at least one update each month on some original projects! Here’s a list of projects I will leave listed below to tease you with:

A Day in the Life

Epoch of Beyza

Gasmask Ninja

War Becomes Her


I am massively passionate about abolishing modern day slavery and the human trafficking slave trade. It has become a global epidemic, and it is one I try to fight from where I am – with my art. I update about both news on the topic (Thursdays) and with updates on my projects (on Tuesdays). I try to always include actionable ways that you can get involved and help.


At the beginning of the month, I give you some inspirational quotes and combine them with a monthly challenge on who to artistically and realistically implement some new philosphies into your life. In the middle of the month, you can expect features for other artists and their projects as well as a guest blogger post. At the end of the month, look for art resources, such as how-to art tips & tricks for everyone and marketing advice for artists.


Once I get back into the roll of my 365 day project, I like to post weekly progress updates with corresponding youtube videos announcements. Due to my work schedule, these probably won’t kick back in until closer to the end of the year, but it is always a project I am passionate about! (For now, you can catch other news and features of the project on Tuesdays.

If there is something your prefer to read over the other topics, browse through the category listings. (On the left hand side of the page of the blog, if you are on computer or tablet.) I hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading! You are the reason I can keep on writing and creating.




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