Purpose of this Blog

Hello everyone!

My name is Stephanie Oplinger. I am an artist from the Pittsburgh area.

I have started this blog to focus exclusively on my 365 day charity project, a challenge to draw or paint 365 small pieces to sell in order to raise money for a charity that fights modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Perhaps you came here from my old blog, my website, or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon it by accident.
My regular art blog is here: http://stephanieoplingerarts.blogspot.com/
And my website page: http://www.soarts.net

The reason I started a new and separate blog is because I wanted to focus even more strictly on this project, the art created for it, and more information and graphics about the issue of human trafficking.

Pieces for sale for this project can be found an purchased on my Etsy shop at http://www.soarts.etsy.com

Please cheer me along with the project and get involved!

Stephanie Oplinger

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