Day 2: Hello, My Friend

Day 2: 
Hello, My Friend Silhouette
Size: 3.5
x 2.5 inches / 9 x 6 cm
watercolor paint and black acrylic paint
Available for purchase? SOLD
1) What
inspired this piece?
I saw a photo manipulations
floating around online. This incredible image stuck with me, of this friend in the water,
connected by a parasol.

2) Why did
you give it that title?
Maybe I’ve
read too many of the Anne of Green Gables series, but I now love the idea of imaginary friends being
trapped in inanimate objects who you stumble on and make an acquaintance with,
even if it’s only in your imagination. In this piece, a girl is meeting up with a friend trapped in the surface of the water. They are greeting one another.

3) Did you
use a photo reference or model?
The idea
came from somewhere or someone, but I don’t know where or who. I want to say it came from tumblr (the land of anonymous ownership), but I’m not sure.

4) Is
there a story or message in this piece?

I think so. She’s a girl who isn’t lonely. She finds friends and magic
everywhere she goes. Or perhaps there is something going on like in the movie
Upside Down… perhaps there are two mirror worlds, only one is water and one is land, and
these two girls connect, reaching for each other with their umbrellas. “Hi ho,
does it rain down there? Aren’t you wet positively ALL THE TIME!” It’s fanciful; it’s that wistful idea floating around in the back of your head.

5) Any
other thoughts?
I’m really
pleased with the colors… the way the yellow and blues look together.

This piece
is part of a charity project.
proceeds will be donated to C.A.S.T. – Coalition to Abolish Slavery and
Trafficking (Visit the charity’s website at

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