Day 1: Little Green Orchid

Day 1: 
Little Green Orchid
Size: 3.5
x 2.5 inches / metric 9 x 6 cm
acrylic paint
Available for purchase? SOLD

1) What
inspired this piece?
photograph that I saw. The vivid green color – I always love vivid, deep
(I was given written permission from the photographer to use the photograph as a reference.)
2) Why did
you give it that title?
It was
also the title of the photograph I was given permission to reference for this
3) Did you
use a photo reference or model?
photographer is Stephen Kinsey. See his work here:
4) Is
there a story or message in this piece?
I hope so.
Perhaps this little green orchid was the ugly duckling that grew up to be most
beautiful green orchid.
5) Any
other thoughts?
are so lovely! I’m glad I finally painted one. I saw a display at Phipp’s
Conservatory in Pittsburgh once. It was mesmerizing. Marvelous.
This piece
is part of a charity project.
proceeds will be donated to C.A.S.T. – Coalition to Abolish Slavery and
Trafficking (Visit the charity’s website at

Art from and for this project can be purchased at:

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