Body Painting and Costuming

I seem to always get pulled into last minute projects. I don’t know how to make it stop. I am a procrastinator by nature. I can’t get anything done without a near deadline. And, apparently, I must be a Project Runway wannabe… because this must be the umpteenth costume I’ve made overnight. I must get high from it. Really, there is not other explanation.

Enough dribble. On with what I’m really talking about:
It’s Renaissance Festival season here in Pennsylvania. Last year I created two costumes overnight for my friend Kait and for myself – Kait being my enduring, if not exactly sewing-educated, helper. This year, I created a fairy costume for my friend Courtney based on her sketch and design. She brought to me a hot pink bikini and yards and yards of tulle and see-through fabrics and asked me to sew a fairy costume onto her. Oy vey!

And that’s precisely what I did. Courtney stood still as I manhandled her into her stances so I could sew the costume onto her bikini, poking her nonstop with my needle I’m sure. Now, mind you, I have zero experience or knowledge with draping, so this was a vastly new experience for me! We fidgeted, I sweated a lot, but it finally came slowly to life.

And sometimes, we just passed out from exhaustion. “Project Runway training!” Courtney yelled, and we came back to life.

Instead of physical wings, Courtney wanted me to paint a pair of fairy wings onto her open back. With one hour to go before the festival, I painted her back and the majority of the rest of her body (I painted the green and she painted on the flowers). I would have liked to have more time on the back, but for only a half hour or less to work on it, we were happy!

The best surprise at the festival was that soooo many people thought the painted designs and back were real tattoos!!! Whoot! People were amazed. That made us very happy and very excited!
Last minute, I also made a grey furry caplet in case the day was cold, but the day turned out the be VERY hot and I didn’t get any pictures of it.
The three musketeers:


Courtney is the fairy:



I am the archer in red:


And Kait is the huntress:

Courtney’s body art was a massive success! My recurve archery bow was a huge hit. And Kait bought a long sword. Fun was had by all!

For now, Adieu.

Stephanie Oplinger

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