Celtic Week: Irish Music

First topic up for Celtic Week: Irish music!!!

I’ve long loved Irish music, and have only loved it more as I learned to play some Irish fiddling on my violin. I hope to spread the love of Irish music to you too, so a group of friends and I got together to play some Irish music for you all this week!

First though, I must give due where it is owed: My talented musician friends playing with me are Kaitlin Davis and Andrew DeBroeck. Both are very talented and knowledgeable musicians – It’s a challenge to find instruments that they don’t know how to play! We call our little group the Mortal Instruments.
The songs we play in the video this week are “The Butterfly” – a traditional tune; “Fiery Nights” – from Lord of the Dance; and “Devlin’s” – a traditional tune arranged by Stephen Folkemer. We used some nontraditional as well as traditional Irish instruments – we hope you will like the combination.

Now, without further ado:


We had some great fun filming this video, and as always, kids my age can’t but help to have a photobomb session when we get the chance!



Thanks for reading and watching!

Check back tomorrow for more Irish goodies!
Till Tomorrow, 
Stephanie Oplinger

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