La Catrina – Sugar Skull – Dia de los Muertos makeup

Normally, I paint on canvas, but every now and then, I like to try a new surface. This time: my face!
Los Dias de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday the day after Halloween celebrating the lives of deceased loved ones. One of the most iconic images from this holiday are the Sugar Skull faces – or the face of La Catrina.
This year, I found some great tutorials on youtube, so I decided to tackle the makeup / face painting challenge this year. (I also make the veil and floral headdress.) And boy, did I have my work cut out for me! It took me almost 2 hours to complete this makeup!
In the end, however, I was pleased with the result:
I put together a time-lapse video of my makeup session:
I used just cheap Halloween face paint from local drug stores and used some of my own eye liner and mascara. Nothing fancy was used.
It was such a big project. About half-way through I was completely fed up and about to swear off all future makeup / face paint projects! But at the end result, I was satisfied and contemplating future projects! Yikes!
Here are a few more pictures of my Sugar Skull / La Catrina face paint:
(click to enlarge pictures)
Well, that’s all today. I’ll be updating more 365 day works very soon.
Until next time,
Stephanie Oplinger

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