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I thought I’d show you all a couple of things I’ve painted and finished recently within the last couple of weeks. A few of them still need minor tweaking. I’ve finished quite a few more lately too, but I just didn’t photograph them yet.
^I used a picture I found online for this painting, but when it was all done, it actually turned out looking more like an actual place in a park near where I live. This was a nice twist of events, I thought.
Size: 24x36in. (The largest painting I have done to date.)
^I titled this painting “Be Transparent for Awhile” ~I was inspired to title this because of a Lifehouse song (“Could you let down your hair and be transparent for a while/Just a little while/To see if your human after all/Honesty is a hard attribute to find/When we all wanna seem like we’ve got it all figured out”)… I was pleased and pleasantly suprised how the curtains actually turned out to look transparent (I experimented with a paint thinner, hoping it would cause a transparency in the painting, and it worked!), and I also love how she turned out to look almost transparent. xD
There is one little thing I want to tweak, but I’ll come back to that later.
Size: 15×30 in.
^I had painted a smaller version of this one before (8×10? or 9×12?) a year or so ago, and it was also my first serious painting, starting me on the path to taking art seriously as a vocation. I wanted to paint a much larger version of it, and here it finally is!
I do want to tweak a few things, such as some red for her lips and more curve in her back and belly, but overall I am very pleased with the turnout.
Size: 20x22in.?
^I love, love, love this one. The stock model who posted this posted a whole series of herself draped in red silk. I plan to do many more paintings of this model in red silk. (Model here:
This painting isn’t 100% complete, in my opinion. I still have a few things to tweak, but otherwise, I just love it!!
Size: 24x36in.
^Trying again with oils. I have not faired overly well with oils in the past, but I decided to try again. While I like the properties of oil paint, I have been having a hard time with them because they NEVER dry. But I have since found a fast drying oil paint brand, so I will have to see how they go.
Regardless, I am pleased with the outcome of this one. (Especially since a very dear friend of mine is currently living and teaching in Russia!)
The ONLY thing that bothers me is that I seem to somehow have both a shiny black and a matte black in the background… I will have to remedy that. I have no idea how it happened.
Size: 16x20in.
^Back into my silhouette sunsets… they are so addictive because they are relatively easy. This one has been sitting around waiting for me to put the final touches on for a while now.
Size: 18x24in.
^Yunho from DBSK/TVXQ!
I had done this painting before from a backlit photo of him onstage. My first attempt at this image was an abysmal failure. This one, I very pleased with how it turned out. 😀
Size: 9x12in.

All of these paintings are or soon will be (once I feel those few are 100% to my satisfaction) for sale on my website. If you are interested in purchasing any, please visit my website or send me an email at .

Thanks for looking!
God bless!

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
   but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. 
Psalm 20:7
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