Newspaper Dress – WIP

I recently saw that there was a call for work by one of Belle Armoire’s sister magazines, a challenge to reader to create something new and beautiful from old newspapers. I have been wanting to try making something like this ever since my high school fashion class. My teacher was always emphasizing the unique when it came to fashion and once was quick to point out an article in a magazine – dresses made of filmstrips, gowns made of newspaper. The images stuck with me, even though, obviously, I never thought it was practical to make. However, with the challenge, I thought I’d finally give it a shot. Impractical or not, it’s sure to be fun!

Picture of Work in Progress:

Detail of paper buttons: 
I have a really interesting and fun neckline to add to it (a picture of woman in a black dress modeling expensive diamond jewelry – I plan to cut it so that the neckline of her dress is the neckline of mine, and the collar of my newspaper dress will be the picture of her bejeweled neck!), and I’ll also be adding a full knee-length paper skirt to it as well. This is all just the start.

Next up is figuring out how to secure the back for wearing and whether or not I want to mod podge the inside of the dress as I did the seems and the outside layer.

I should note, I missed the deadline for this call for entries, but I am continuing on with it anyhow. There is, however, another sister magazine with call for entries for recycled things that I could submit it to, but we’ll see how I do on time. I have a mighty awful lot of painting these next two weeks getting ready for my next art show… eek! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

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