International Women’s Day 2016

Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor and recognition of the women still fighting for their freedom, Polaris posted this image with these statistics:

  • 11.4 women and girls are victims of human trafficking globally.
  • 84% of survivors who have called the NHTRC are women.
  • 18 countries have been provided training and technical assistance by Polaris to fight human trafficking.

To all the women still fighting for their freedom or their rights: Fight on, woman, and keep the faith!


If you would like to help fight against human trafficking (both men and women, boys and girls, are enslaved and trafficked both domestically and abroad) the Polaris project website is a great place to start learning about the issue and how you can help.

(Also, check out my Art for Charity project blog, to learn about my art project to raise money for charities that help survivors of human trafficking and for lists of ways that you can help too, in both big ways and easy, every-day-life ways. )

Stephanie Oplinger

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Victims Are Just Like You and Me

“Victims are just like you and me.” The words in this poster bring up a great point: human trafficking and modern slavery know no age or class – social, economic, or otherwise. Victims of sexual slavery come from all walks of life and from the most ordinary next-door places. Trafficking and slavery doesn’t just happen …

Airlines Combat Human Trafficking

Scotland is now training airline flight attendants to spot victims of human trafficking. This initiative is part of a larger network in Scotland to train public and health service workers to spot potential victims and to give them the tools necessary to help them. Can you think of ways in your workplace that human trafficking …